Special & Custom-made projects

Add a Touch of Elegance to your Gifting with Custom made & special projects.

At Ridgegap corporate gifting solutions we have the expertise and knowledge to turn your exact vision into reality.

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Special - Custom Made Projects

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How does a Custom project work?

We believe in creating a unique experience for our clients as we provide custom projects, developing the best solutions for your unique business needs. Whether you are looking for a prototype model of your product or just an idea, we can create it from concept to completion.

Special & Custom-Made Projects
Special & Custom-Made Projects


Special & Custom-Made Projects
Special & Custom-Made Projects


Special & Custom-Made Projects
Special & Custom-Made Projects


Special & Custom-Made Projects


Unique Projects Completed

Whether you are planning a prototype model of a rover to the moon or a rainbow coloured wheel of threads, we have achieved the best quality & highest standards in our industry. Check out our exclusive custom projects to see what we have done for our clients.

Turn your ideas to reality with custom made gifts.

Why is it so important?

Benefits of custom manufactured gifts

Given the company’s needs and unique circumstances, different companies would want to stand out with their gifting experience. Creating something out of the box and unique.

Special & Custom-Made Projects

Long-lasting and positive effect on your customers.

Special & Custom-Made Projects

Shows appreciation, strengthen relationships.

Special & Custom-Made Projects

Stay present in your clients’ & employees’ lives.

Special & Custom-Made Projects

Indisputably grabs everyone’s attention.

Special & Custom-Made Projects

Comes with Exquisite Packaging.

Special & Custom-Made Projects

Unique and eye-catching.

Special & Custom-Made Projects

Makes Your Brand Stand Out.

Special & Custom-Made Projects

Delivers value to your workforce and clients.

Special & Custom-Made Projects

High quality branded products.

More Project Snippets

Our team of expert curators ensured that each gift was tailored to reflect the values, ethos, and preferences of each brand,
ensuring a genuinely bespoke gifting experience.

Have an idea for a custom product or project? Our team of experts will ideate, design, prototype and deliver the entire experience through our team of experts.

Here’s What People
Have to Say!

Case Study – Team Indus

The Team Indus Lunar Lander is a lunar lander developed by the Indian nonprofit organization Team Indus. It is an entry to win the Google Lunar XPRIZE (GLXP).

How a miniature model rover was manufactured to gift the investors and VIP guests of TEAM INDUS?

Special & Custom-Made Projects


Create a unique gift box for investors and supporters of team indus moon shot mission.


A souvenir and merchandise gift box which contains gifts related to the moon shot mission & make the receipients feel proud to be a part of the mission & make india proud.


Selection of gifts that will go into the box and a special souvenir that will always make the event memorable.


Created a miniature of the rover to be sent to the moon along with a medal made specially for the event & creating brand value through customised merchandise. Specially designed for the moon mission called.

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